Monday, November 9, 2015

Democrat Proclaims People on Welfare Are Stupid Conspiracy Theorists

Whoron Alert!

Usually I save Whoron Alerts for public figures/authors/actors/politicians.

However - sometimes there pops up great examples of hypocrites that, to me, really speak for what is wrong with Democrats as a group of pretend compassionate people.

The hypocrite (whoron) of the day goes by the name of "iGertrude" and she is an Amazon Vine member. Amazon Vine is a program where people can receive items to test and review. Amazon Vine member have their own "forum" boards. In in the Amazon Vine forum,  iGertrude (she may have changed her name by now) is one of the playground bullies.

On the Vind forum, as with many forums, the majority are liberals. Liberals that, of course, believe they are far superior than most people.

They worry about guns (not criminals). They worry that not enough is being done to help those with mental illnesses in the country. They wax poetic about how those less fortunate should be treated kindly (supporting the idea to give people welfare instead of work).

Anyway, she wrote a review for a book about Nurturing Healing Love: A Mother's Journey of Hope & Forgiveness (about Sandy Hook tragedy).
It seems there are a handful of people that don't believe the incident happened (I believe it did).
The Sandy Hook Deniers are leaving horrible reviews attacking the author (a mother of one of the children who was killed).

The Vine Forum members ran to the defense of the book/author, which, I think is speech and all.

However, what iGertude wrote was, basically, that poor people are stupid. Therefore, people on welfare are dumb conspiracy theorists.

Here is her review: "This is an incredible story about a horrendous event that never should have happened. That this mother was able to make it past this cold dark day only to be attacked by the Tin Foil Hat Brigade is a horrible reflection of our society. Free speech and all that but to attack a mother who has lost a child?

Someone must have tipped the trailer park and let all of these barely literate out.

Truthers? All of your friends are here and they are waiting for you. Conspiracy theorists UNITE:"

Print Screen:

In addition, a Vine Reviewer who goes by the name "Young@Heart"
 Young@Heart says:
"The book probably was featured in some creep's Facebook feed or talked about on some Rightwing radio show."

"Young@Heart says:
Because in their warped little minds it was a fake event created by the government to be used as an excuse to take away their guns"

I listen to Mark Levin. Rush. They would never ever say Sandy Hook did not happen. Democrats like "iGertrude" and "Young@Heart" live in a bubble and make up a majority of reviewers on Amazon. Superior strivers, believing that Science is God, religions are for nuts (unless, of course, you're Muslim, that's acceptable!) and life lived between the pages of a book and 4 walls of a class room make them KnowItAlls. They turn everything into people "clinging" to their guns and rarely suggest criminals are the actual reason for violence.

It's fun to read the Vine Forum when they bring up politics - they constantly contradict their positions and they are the least tolerable people.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Big Magic = Big Liberal Influence

 by Elizabeth Gilbert

There are many contradictions in this book and the typical marketing spin words, beginning with "magic" and sprinkled throughout the book - enchantment (see Sally Hogshead's book Fascination). Wizardy.
As someone who has spent half her life studying marketing (advertising), sociology, and philosophy, I'm able to recognize authentic authors who mean well, and authors that simply mean to "sell."
I think Gilbert actually means well, however, many of her messages are conflicting.
When we receiving conflicting advice, it slows us down, criss-crosses our thinking, ultimately erodes our confidence and character, and leaves us more fearful.
On one hand, she makes the point that your life and the outcome of your life is your responsibility.
She advises NOT to be the drama prone, excuse ridden, poor me, victim of life. Now, the irony here is that she is good friends with Berne Brown, who has spent her life make excuses, in therapy (yet she makes millions selling self help books), and profiting off of portraying herself as an angst ridden victim of anxiety.
Then Gilbert says that, basically, you don't have control of your life, there is something bigger out there and if it's meant to be, it will be.
Gilbert tells wonderful stories of her parents and how creative and self sufficiency - but then she makes a jab that they are republicans and voted for Reagan (twice!) - implying that though her parents are wonderful, they aren't very smart when it comes to politics.
There are more veiled jabs at conservatives yet and our military, much of what she suggests in the book is the very principles of conservatives: Independence, Self Reliance, Respecting your body (don't let drinking/drugs/unhealthy relationships get in the way of your art). Work - don't become dependent.
The only difference is, many conservatives believe in God, and Gilbert believes in magic.
Another Irony: in one chapter she says fear is "not smart."
Then in the next chapter, she says you need fear to stop you from running into the middle of a busy street.
She says put your ego aside, yet, she also encourages the reader to be an individual. This is where most of the 'self help' advice is contradictatory and leaves many broken readers who try to abide by this advice.
If we didn't have an ego, we would not feel the need to create. We would not feel the need to shower, to try to live healthy, to not live in our pajamas every single day.
It is healthy to have an ego. If Gilbert didn't have an ego, she would publish under a pen name and refuse to do any interviews.
She advises readers it's better to be a 'trickster' than to be honorable.
And this is the reason for my one star.
If you've ever been lied to or cheated on, you know how damaging distrust can be.
We can't survive and thrive as a society if we can't trust people. You can still strive to be an honorable person and still not take life so seriously. Still 'roll' with the punches.
I LOVE that Gilbert says you do not need to attend college in order to be successful (which is very opposite the liberal narrative). Also, here's yet another contradiction because she praises Berne Brown who identifies herself as a "scholar" - has lived in insulated life, yet has extreme trouble coping with normal every-day tension.
(If you're told enough times that you're broken, eventually, you will believe it).
I LOVE that Gilbert says you can practice your art your entire life, and that a true artist, even if never receiving accolades, will realize the value and joy in simply practicing your gift.
But there are just too many contradictions in this book, and encouraging people to be slippery and shady and also blind to other slippery and shady will erode your confidence and self worth.
This book is mostly about suggestions to encourage you to believe in yourself, very little about "creative" living
If you're looking for a great book about "living beyond fear", try this old book: Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill.  It's definitely a "creative" work, but has very timeless, classic, and true advice.
Try James Allen, "As A Man Thinketh"
Or try Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search For Meaning."

Liberal Influence Scale: 5

Leah Remini - Troublemaker

Troublemaker by Leah Remini

I'm not a "fangirl" of Leah Remini though I've always thought she was funny, beautiful, and brash (in a good way).
I could not wait for this book to come out because I'm fascinated by the attraction to the cult of Scientology. I'm not anti-religion - except for religion that undermines individualism and self-empowerment.
Leah really holds nothing back in this book, she writes like she talks, funny and brash but not an obnoxious way.
I read a-lot of books (via NetGalley!) and it's rare that there is a book I LOOK FORWARD to its release. I can't remember a night I awoke at 1am and gleefully checked my Kindle to see if her book was there. I've been speedreading and though I'm not done yet, if you're wondering: should I buy this? YES. It really does live up to the hype.
Totally engaging, entertaining, fascinating -not just about Scientology, but about life in Hollywood.
Leah doesn't come across as playing a Victim (which is so rare these days!) - instead, she's more of a warrior; seeking to warn and protect and educate.
Love it.

PS - I just realized the co-author is Rebecca Paley. She also co-authored one of my other favorite books "I'll Drink To That" with Betty Halbreich. Ms. Halbreich came from a very wealthy family, married into wealth, got divorced, and got a job on the sales floor at Bergdorfs. For me, it was an inspiring story of realizing that life is what you make of it not what titles or money makes of you. Just wanted to give "props" to Ms. Paley for this book too!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Peggy Noonan - The Time Of Our Lives

I originally read this a few months back via NetGalley.
Though I lean Right, I'm more of a Gregg Gutfeld (really miss him on Red Eye) person. I'd never read Peggy Noonan (sorry Ms. Noonan!)
However, I truly loved The Time Of Our Lives.
Her book is really not so much about politics as it is about character (something we lack today).
She tells a wonderful story about Joan Rivers (I did not realize Joan was Conservative!).
There, of course, are insights about Ronald Reagan.
The Time Of Our Lives makes you feel like you're sitting at the table at Sunday Dinner - warm, loved; that even if all is not right with the world, we can learn from what has worked, and try to imitate it.
On a personal note, Ms. Noonan is really a woman to look up to; she worked her butt off and came from a working class family, yet she doesn't wear her feminism around a bullhorn around her neck.
The odd thing is...though I am a fan of Greg on tv, I actually liked Peggy's book much better than I liked Greg's new book!
Just being honest here (sorry Greg)
The Time of Our Lives is a great wonderful read to curl up with at the end of a frustrating day; kinda like a glass of wine; it's soothing and inspiring.
Loved it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Welcome To The College Class Of Grocery Cashering

Today was a very odd day at work.
I often feel like I'm being filmed by a hidden TV camera and the goal is "How crazy can people act before she realizes this is all a joke?"

Came in at 8:45 am - crisp morning that was warming up. Started off sunny but clouds were rolling in.

It's been two weeks being behind the register and I still love it. I love having the ability to glimpse inside peoples kitchens, inside their lives.

Doritios, Fritos, Cheetos, soda, sour cream and onion dip; these customers have parties or friends over often. Probably fun people.

Go-gurts, snack pacs, Gatorade - sports players in the family.

Organic chicken, organic carrots, organic broccoli crowns, organic wild rice - probably intellectually influenced. And live too far from Whole Foods.

I love when moms (most often it's moms, sometimes dads) come in and buy 300.00 worth of groceries. Pancake mixes! Chocolate Chip nestle morsels! Ice cream! Cereal! Waffles! Hamburger meat, chicken, bacon, potatoes...this is a family where one parent is lucky enough to stay home. Where the mom makes dinners, breakfast, dessert. Rushes home to be there when her kids get home from school. There are often coupons involved and the mom's eyes light up when she realizes how much money she has saved the family because she has been diligent (I love when they save money too).

When I was a paramedic I loved a glimpse of life into my patients homes. So little could tell me so much. But that's for another story.

I have a feeling I'm one of the few people that think like I do. But I've noticed that people look at me as if they feel sad for me when I tell them I'm a cashier at a grocery store. I'm sure they think, "So much talent, WASTED on a boring job."

Don't feel sad for me. I love it. I like to think about the families gathered around together eating. Or the single man making his chicken nachos while watching a football game, or the old couple enjoying a cup of soup while they read the paper.

I love to see the new food that comes out - Rice Crispy Oreos! Pumpkin Spiced Keebler cookies! Things I would never think to look for.
I love seeing the creativeness of food - and the people willing to try new stuff. And I admire the customers who stick to the tried and true - there's something comforting about green beans and water chestnuts and French onions.

The people I work with may be an odd lot, some of the customers a bit crazy, but this being a cashier is very similar to being a medic - a brief encounter into the life of people. As a medic I tried to make them better. As a cashier, I smile and genuinely ask, "How are you today?" and I mean it. It's not something I say because the company wants me to, it's because I mean it. If you want to make small talk with me, I'm more than happy to engage in conversation.

Because I still believe people matter. Kindness matters. Caring matters. People are fascinating. We all have stories to tell...and I love the stories that people tell as I place their bananas on the scale, as I scan the cake flour, the apples, the brown sugar, and the eggs.

Wasting my time as a cashier? Nah. I may not have a seat in the front row of life like I did when I was a paramedic, but now I have something better: a window seat! Instead of worrying about getting stuck with a dirty needle, I only have to worry about getting chicken juice on my hand. I don't have to worry about how I'm going to carry a large person down three flights of stairs...I only have to worry how I'm going to pile all the bags of groceries into the customers cart.

I love my window seat. I love the glimpse I have into what comforts people, what brings people together (roast beef, baking potatoes, rolls, apple pie),  and how people celebrate (soda, cake, ice cream, chips, cookies). What they eat when their alone (frozen dinners). What they eat when they are studying (Red Bull and potato chips). What they eat when they are going on a road trip to a wedding (Goldfish crackers, muffins, Twizzlers). What they buy for the anniversary of the death of their spouses (flowers).

I only work four hour shifts, which is perfect. Because as much as I love what I do, by the end of my hour hours, I've had enough of making chit-chat. Just because I generally like people, doesn't mean I want to be around them all the time. At the end of my four hours, I'm eager to purchase those Rice Krispy Oreos and escape home, where I can eat my cookies (which are fabulous by the way), sip my coffee (or wine, depending on the scale of crazy my day was), and reflect on the personalities I've met; the nice people, the mean people, the barely getting by people, and the rich people - all telling me their stories through the food they choose.

Nope, don't feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for those cashiers that think their job is boring - they haven't yet figured out that it's a psychology/sociology/marketing class they are getting paid to attend.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Book: Anything For A Vote - Liberal Influence

I recently read Anything For A Vote by Joseph Cummins is a great example of an author who claims to be unbiased, informed reader can easily pick out where Mr. Cummins leans and the hidden liberal influence weaved throughout this book.

J.C. states  “newspaper bias ended in the mid 20th century.”
Get Clued! Read the Washington Times. Read the New York Times. Read Washington Post!
J.C.  gives Bill Clinton credit for balancing the budget and for revamping welfare. He barely brings up all of Clinton's affairs and glosses over Lewinsky in one sentence! Cummins states John Kerry was a war hero.

Cummins of course, brings up Palin's gaffes, however, compared to Obama stating he visited 57 States? He didn't even mention that. He didn't mention Obama referring to Hawaii as being in Asia. Nor did he refer to any of Biden's Gaffes .

That said, it is an interesting book and it's a bit of a relief to realize that mud-slinging is nothing new. However, when 99% of media and culture is constantly favoring Democrats and belittling people to the right, it influences those who still believe that mainstream is intellectual when in reality, they are pandering pimps who only care about their power & status, not the success of the individual.

Anything For A Vote By Joseph Cummins rates a 6 on the Liberal Influence scale.

Friday, October 2, 2015

True Courage - Above and Beyond (The Movie)

If you are looking for a truly inspirational movie - rent (or buy!) Above and Beyond. 
I am not Jewish. Well, maybe. I could be. My mom was adopted so I could be Jewish. Or black. Or both.  
Anyway, I grew up primarily in the mid-west and Jews were not talked about like they are on the east coast. I was very fortunate that where I grew up was very blue collar and very open and accepting of all. Or maybe I just grew up in a time where TV was not really full of mind numbing, character corrupting, division eliciting, programming. 
It wasn't until I moved to Pennsylvania after highschool and had lived here for some time when animosity toward Jews popped up. I'd hear people making fun of Jews for being cheap, tight, always liking a bargain.  Which, I am all those things. 
I really never knew or understood the history of Jews until I started paying attention to politics. I couldn't understand why so many in leadership positions in the USA did not seem to stand with Bibi Netanyahu. I feel he is a strong leader who really does love and care for Israel.  II admire the Jews for all they've gone through and for their propensity to run TOWARD a threat instead of away from a threat. 
One day I happened upon the movie "Above and Beyond" - it's the story of how WWII Jewish Vets from the United States risked their citizenship to become the first Israel airforce in 1948 for the War Of Independence.  
The movie is inspiring. The creative courage and self determination of so many people beat the odds. It was such a great movie, a great story, I'm thinking I might add a new tattoo (and I swore I'd only ever have one): The Angel Of Death. The Angel of Death is the logo that was hurriedly created (on a napkin!) in a Tel Aviv bar for the 101 Squadron unit of the Israeli Air Force. The design is still on Israeli F-16 jets today. 
Above and Beyond is an uplifting movie. It tells the story of courage, pride, creativity, and freedom. And it does so in such and entertaining way, I watched it twice in one week! 
First Israel Air Force Logo 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Honor Flight Changes

As you know, I was a great fan of Honor Flight since seeing the documentary about it a few years ago.
Honor Flight started as a non-profit organization that sent WWII Vets and chaperons to Washington DC to see the military monuments dedicated to our Veterans.
What made Honor Flight different from every other non-profit, was that they were going to end the non-profit after their goal was met and they'd gotten all the remaining WWII Vets on the flight.
Not many are left, unfortunately. They talked about this in the documentary and I thought is was a brilliant idea!

I loved that aspect of Honor Flight. It had a single purpose. It wouldn't morph into a 'business' under the guise of a non-profit as so many well intended non-profits have done.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed Honor Flight changed to include not only WWII Vets, but also Korea and Vietnam Vets.

So, in essence, it has morphed into a non-profit similar to most - no ending.  What made Honor Flight so special was the inclusiveness.

And though I still like Honor Flight, I've found it frustrating contacting them. Days, sometimes weeks go by without any response after I contact them. And even more frustrating - I asked to find out the name of the Vets that would be sent on an Honor Flight with donations I was making. (It's not only me, but I've heard several other people (including VETS) complain that they are very slow to reply)
The response I received was that they do not give out the names. This is extremely disappointing. How do I know my donation is going to a VET and not the salary of an employee? I'd love the opportunity to get to know the VET and it would make great PR for Honor Flight to connect the person who donates to the veteran who is going to receive it.

There is an Honor Flight Charter on Tuesday, October 5th leaving from the Parx Casino. It's hard to find the information for this, unfortunately. What I found can be found here: - however, there is no information about the homecoming activity (what time should we arrive? Where should we go?) - I'm a bit - no, I'm a lot disappointed. I hope they are able to get their act together and make it easy for Vets and for those who want to help to do so.


Monday, July 27, 2015

Honor Flight Philly - Help Send WWII Vets To Honor Flight

I created a fund campaign  to send 2 WWII Vets to Honor Flight, please consider donating.

Visit HonorFlight.Org for more info about this wonderful organization!

Honor Flight & RWNJ Crowdfunding

UPDATE- while I did bring in all the money to help a Veteran take an honor flight, I'm sad to say that RWNJ Funding had a good run, but people ultimately use what they know. - 9/22/17

Anyone who knows me knows that attending the homecoming of Honor Flight (Philly) made a huge emotional/powerful impact on my life.

I had watched the  Honor Flight documentary a year prior (maybe 2 years?) and was very moved by the sacrifice of the Greatest Generation. I've watched increasingly as our Military (and those who protect us) has been attacked by media and, more disturbingly, by the present administration in the White House.

What you may not know - is that I've also been concerned that most tech companies are run by liberal leaning owners (yet they sure do love capitalism when it comes to their bank accounts!)

I was really excited when I learned that one (very funny!) local person (who was inspired by a book he read about the story of Twitter) launched a crowd-funding source based on values inspired by moderates/independents/right.  RWNJ FUNDING is a crowd-sourcing platform that rivals GoFundMe and Indiegogo.

People often complain that there is no alternative to lefty social media - well, now there is. And I hope this inspires more people to start facebook/twitter platforms.

I am proud to say I'm the first to give this a try!

And for me, raising money to send WWII Vets on an Honor Flight was the perfect charity to raise money for.

If you have something or someone you'd like to raise money for, please don't hesitate to join me.

Here's my link to donate:

Sunday, July 5, 2015

How Bacon Became Popular

Bacon Bananas Bernays

“Two most magic words “Studies show…”

“If a tabloid prints a sex crime, it's smut, but when The New York Times prints it, it's a sociological study.” Adolph Ochs – founder of the New York Times

Here’s a fascinating item: Ed Bernays (another guy from Austria/Germany who later moved to the United States and worked for President Woodrow Wilson and Calvin Coolidge) is known as one of the “fathers” of Advertising/Spin/Public Relations. And guess what? Ed Bernays was the nephew of Sigmund Freud.
 Bernays had grown up watching people fall under the spell of his Uncle Sigmund– simply because Freud stated he had “Science” backing his opinions.
Bernays learned that the fastest way to convince people was to say “According to Doctors…”  or “According to Scientists” and people were trusting because remember,  America was built on character – on people being honest and because we’ve been taught that the highly educated (doctors, scientists, etc) are superior.    

In 1925, the Beech-Nut Corporation was trying to sell bacon but no one was eating it. Bacon was not popular (hard to believe!), no one ate it for breakfast. Breakfast in the 1920’s consisted of a cup of coffee and toast. So Bernays approached a doctor with a simple question: Was a hearty breakfast better for a person or no breakfast? Once he had the obvious answer, he then asked whether bacon and eggs could be considered a hearty breakfast. Again the doctor agreed. That was all he needed; Bernays repeated this process with many more doctors, using this vague method to get doctors to agree that fried fatty meat (and I love bacon, by the way!) is a healthy way to start your day. Newspapers across the country treated the publicity stunt as a scientific study and ran story after story about how, if you weren't starting the day with a big plate full of bacon and eggs, you were signing your own death certificate. Beech-Nut's sales soared and everyone went bananas for bacon.
Speaking of bananas…
Bernays was hired by United Fruit to sell bananas. So Bernays created a mass market via sneaky methods. He found an old report by a doctor on the beneficial effects of bananas on infant digestion.  He created a fake/front organization with an innocent sounding yet convincing name: the Medical Review of Reviews. The MRR distributed copies of the report and relayed the information to mass media outlets such as newspapers and women’s magazines. The technique worked. Bananas were the new super food thanks to the approval of  ‘Modern Medical Science’ and earned the reputation of a healthy food, with United Fruit, of course, the undisclosed beneficiary of a doctored report which became a trend which has become a habit.

With bacon and bananas, Bernays realized how easily people fall for what he called ‘spinning’ and also what we call “doctoring the facts” All it takes is a few sentences of citing ‘scientific research’ and people are sold. Bernays believed that behind every campaign, the marketing/public relation guru should use the phrase ‘based on psychology and sociology.’

Aristotle believed that appealing to emotions (fears/desires) rather than reason was the fastest way to sell people on an idea. 
Bernays took the wisdom from the great Philosophers and re-crafted, repackaged it as the “Science of Marketing.”
Bernays combined creative ‘science’ with bold stunts like the one he did to sell cigarettes at the Easter Parade in 1929.  

In 1929 the American Tobacco Company had a problem. Men were smoking, but women were not. They hired Bernays and even though there was evidence that smoking was hazardous, Bernays was aware that women, who had only been allowed to vote since 1920, were still fighting to be taken seriously.
So he took the cigarette, called them “Torches of Freedom" and had his secretary Bertha Hunt, send a telegram to ‘beautiful’ women from a list of elite, wealthy, families. The list had been provided by the editor of popular women’s magazine – (this was long before Google and Facebook sold personal information!). Bernays secretary appealed to the women by using their emotions and desire to be significant.  He asked them if  “they would join in doing something that would strike a match to light women's freedom!” 
The targeted women arrived and took part in a carefully staged event -  that was made to look like a spontaneous event - and marched down Fifth Avenue on Easter Sunday, 1929. 
Bernays had notified the press beforehand to what was going to happen. Though it appeared to outsiders to be a spur-of-the-moment incident, everything had been perfectly scripted.  Bernays recast smoking as an act of women's liberation, the parade made headlines coast to coast, and convinced a generation of women to start smoking - increasing profits for Bernays tobacco company client.
Ironic, isn’t it, that our rational, practical, mind knew all along that  putting chemicals into our body wasn’t beneficial- HOWEVER, smoking was billed as a “women’s right – a women’s choice!” And by using attractive women in “news stories” sold a whole country on smoking; Beautiful rich women smoked. Smoking was a symbol of freedom. Smoking was cool, hip, and rebellious!
Bernays understood that people respond more quickly when using emotions –by using something that was socially and symbolically important. And the instinct in terms of cigarettes wasn't to convince women that buying cigarettes made any rational sense or that the money they would spend or what they were putting into their body made sense. It was to tap into something that was instinctively important; our biological desire to be significant and to be independent.  Bernays appealed t the women that they were sending the message of  freeing themselves from the idea it was okay for men to smoke but distasteful for women.
Everybody wants to be liberated, “free” and the cigarette sent a message of status (all the elite pretty girls are smoking), and stood for freedom (which is quite ironic because cigarettes made us addicted, dependent and sick).

These same techniques are still regularly used to market health fads, dietary supplements, and hijack social movements (feminism, civil rights, children’s rights, religious rights),  into selling often questionable products and/or ideas.

“Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.”
― Eric Hoffer

These techniques are nothing but illusions disguised as news, or issues on talk shows. They appear as scientific reports and studies from ‘independent testing firms’ - the primary recipients who you know nothing about (like bananas and the United Fruit Company,  bacon and the Beech-Nut Corporation) and these companies benefit while you pay.

The Middle American Information Bureau and the Medical Review Reviews were only two fake “front groups” of many that Bernays set up during his career to get out supposedly “neutral” information. If a client was willing to pay enough money, Bernays set up front groups for every client that he could, and he had over 400 clients over the years.

Do you ever notice that as soon as someone quotes a statistic…if  the statistic is coming from an authentic sounding institution, you don’t really question it.
Take this study from The International Psychology Institute (IPI): “In a factor analysis of 200 Men, Cognitive Scientists found women 80% more attractive if they were wearing red lipstick.”
What you don’t know it that the International Psychology Institute doesn’t really exist – it’s a P.O. Box somewhere in New York. The IPI is really a front group – an offshoot of a cosmetics corporation – and that ‘study’ will be posted on an advertisement for their new line of red lipstick.

If the organization sounds legitimate, we don’t question the studies. If the studies are being reported in a newspaper or on a major news network, we often believe them. Perhaps the organization is real, but understand that, just like Bernays always did, the studies or statistics have been manipulated to ‘prove’ their opinion is true.  But maybe what they aren’t telling you is in the survey of  men who found the women wearing red lipstick were more attractive it was because they were being comparing women wearing lipstick with pictures of women who had just rolled out of bed…or perhaps they were comparing a woman with a rock and posing the question; “Which do you find more attractive?”
Terms like “factor analysis” “ multifaceted scaling” and “ data clustering” all sound impressive but they are simply just words and phrases that sound really intellectual. 

When Ed Bernays became involved in “Public Relations” there were only a few people in that field. Now, we have over 150,000 people using manipulated data to sell us ‘information’ which will help make us ‘better’ people.

Bernays, like his Uncle Freud, didn't believe in God. He believed the PR man was God: that PR people had to tame the unruly masses, to give them order and to lead them in a- “socially useful direction” But that social direction was one that served his clients.

As I write this, Hillary Clinton has been exposed for running a front organization called “The Clinton Foundation.” Millions of dollars were donated to it by people looking for favors and people who actually believed the foundation was doing good work. It’s not just democrats or republicans or marketers who do this; you see it all the time with people on social networks using social causes, ‘social awareness campaigns. ’  You see it on Go Fund Me sites…people pretending  they have cancer or are raising money to help a need family or ill dog…in essence, these are personal front organizations. 

The solution is awareness – and some legwork. The bad news is, it might take a bit of time. The good news is, we have more access to information now more than ever. But always remember, don’t stop when your search leads you to “The Foundation For Women’s Equality” – don’t stop when you see 12 names listed on the board of directors. Sadly, you have to drill all the way down to make sure you aren’t being misled. That you are donating money to an actual organization that is using the money for what they say. That the organization citing statistics and studies isn’t a fake organization created by a company trying to tell you something. And that something, is often not just products, but also ideas (compassion) regarding social “justice.”  
People rarely have the time to investigate – and that’s exactly what these front organizations are counting on.  

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Albert Hobbs - Conservative Professor Of Sociology University of Penn

Albert Hobbs, Conservative Professor of Sociology wrote 3 books dealing with the epidemic of  liberal influence in behavioral sciences. His first book came out in 1951! 

So, Jonathan Haidt The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion claims to have discovered that OHMYGOSH, Conservatives are under-represented in the field of Behavioral Sciences and that in the last 50 years, liberals have, not only 'taken over' behavioral sciences, they have created a hostile environment (liberals, being intolerable? What!! Absurd!!)for those who think logically and believe in self honor/value.
I can't even remember what led me to Hobbs book (Man is Moral Choice)...perhaps because I've been a student of the behavioral sciences and when I woke from my deep political slumber to realize all the crappy choices I made in life were based on Liberal Values, I started searching for Conservatives in behavioral sciences which was like trying to find Obama's college transcripts - luckily, I finally...finally discovered Man is Moral Choice...and then also The vision and the constant star and The claims of sociology: A critique of textbooks.
Talk. About. Taking. Off. Blinders.
His book(s) expose the discrimination and devaluation of strong character values and how the rank strivers (liberals)in behavioral sciences are often really doing nothing but creating disease(s) for only which they have the cure.
Other than my family and my dogs, the only other thing I'd bother to save in a fire would be my 3 books by Hobbs. They are invaluable in insight and knowledge - and prove that Jonathan Haidt's claim is BS - conservatives have never been represented in the behavioral sciences, and his "shocking new theory" is actually 64 years old.
This book will help you get clued, not screwed - because happiness and success is up to you; not the government, not the pretentious elite professors who think they are better then everyone because they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for a piece of paper (jokes on them, no wonder they are so bitter!), not self help gurus like Deepak Chopra who shrills that people should not have attachment to money while, of course, he wears his diamond encrusted designer eyeglasses.
Wake up World.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Moxie Will Awards: Bill Cunningham -

 Bill Cunningham is the very essence of creative, optimistic, courage (Moxie) and self determination (Will) - he lives his life with Character and strives to be Significant, rather than superior.

You do not have to like Fashion, or NYC, or the NY Times in order to enjoy and be inspired by this man who is in his 80's - and still works (and enjoys it)!

Bill Cunningham, New York; The Documentary

Though not a book, this is a great documentary to watch and worth trying to find. It is uplifting.

This is from a reviewer on Amazon which sums Mr. Cunningham up beautifully. Also note, I was so moved after watching the documentary, I wrote him a letter, sent it to the NY TIMES, and a few months later, I received a handwritten letter back from him, with a picture he had taken of the some boys in Central Park building a snowman. That, my friends, is true character. He is a beautiful soul. And such an Independent Spirit!

Amazon Review from D.G:

I came across this doc film clicking around on Netflix streaming late one night. At first it seemed puzzling why anyone would make a documentary about an old guy who works for the New York Times riding a bicycle around and photographing street fashions. But I quickly got drawn into the film and understood how the filmmakers had chosen this unusual man.

Bill Cunningham, now in his 80's, has worked for many years as a street photographer, riding precariously around Manhattan on his bicycle and snapping (film) photos of what people are wearing. In an age when there is so much corruption in all walks of life, what comes out in the film is Cunningham's unique sense of personal integrity. In a city obsessed with status, he seems to care nothing for status or celebrity or personalities; he is only interested in the clothes, the ideas. When he attends society and fashion functions in the evening, which he does almost every evening, he declines to accept food or drink; it would compromise his ethics. Indeed here is a man who has no apparent vices and minimal personal life. He lives frugally. He strives to be honest. He strives to do no harm. He cares little for his comfort. He has simply made a life of observing how people in New York express themselves through fashion; it is enough for him. "I have tried to play a straight game" he says about his life.

One might not be surprised to hear that a medieval monk or pure mathematician or a scholar of ancient languages had such an ascetic and, one may say, spiritually refined existence, but in the New York fashion world! And so he is a beloved fixture in New York. An inspiring documentary, which affirms how one can live in the everyday world and yet hold to an "impeccable path."

Saturday, June 20, 2015

John Lee Dumas - From Devastation to Innovation

John Lee Dumas took responsibility, struggled, failed, but kept going. He's now a hugely successful pod-caster. I tune into his podcasts when I need inspiration. However, I feel as he has grown, he's becoming less authentic.
There are many guests he's had on the show that I felt were all about the spin - their agendas were strictly spinning and selling.
JLD as he calls himself now, is a great example of someone who (even though his mentors advised him against it) used creative courage (Moxie) and self-determination (Will) to become successful. And it wasn't an overnight success.
Thanks to JLD, I read Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill - which (though very...uh...unique...made me realize just how much of my life I threw away due to drinking/watching TV, entertainment, etc).  It was one of those "AH HA" books. Worth a read.
JLD also mentioned, several times about the fact he was in the military. And when he was discharged and came home, he was at a loss of what to do.
He. Lacked. Purpose.
About the same time I was listening to JLD (that was 2 years ago, I don't so much anymore) I was reading Viktor Frankel's "Man's Search For Meaning." Mr. Frankel (a Holocaust Survivor)  made some observations from his time in the Nazi which was that people, in order to feel happy, satisfied, need some sort of purpose (meaning) in their life. To do something that adds positively to life.
It makes sense, and from life experience, I know the times I felt most happy, most alive, were the times I was trying to make a positive difference, when I had a purpose.
Anyway, if you're looking for something to listen to for inspiration, check out Entrepreneur on Fire.
There are a-lot of bullshitters on that show, but there are also many truly inspiring people.