Saturday, July 4, 2015

Albert Hobbs - Conservative Professor Of Sociology University of Penn

Albert Hobbs, Conservative Professor of Sociology wrote 3 books dealing with the epidemic of  liberal influence in behavioral sciences. His first book came out in 1951! 

So, Jonathan Haidt The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion claims to have discovered that OHMYGOSH, Conservatives are under-represented in the field of Behavioral Sciences and that in the last 50 years, liberals have, not only 'taken over' behavioral sciences, they have created a hostile environment (liberals, being intolerable? What!! Absurd!!)for those who think logically and believe in self honor/value.
I can't even remember what led me to Hobbs book (Man is Moral Choice)...perhaps because I've been a student of the behavioral sciences and when I woke from my deep political slumber to realize all the crappy choices I made in life were based on Liberal Values, I started searching for Conservatives in behavioral sciences which was like trying to find Obama's college transcripts - luckily, I finally...finally discovered Man is Moral Choice...and then also The vision and the constant star and The claims of sociology: A critique of textbooks.
Talk. About. Taking. Off. Blinders.
His book(s) expose the discrimination and devaluation of strong character values and how the rank strivers (liberals)in behavioral sciences are often really doing nothing but creating disease(s) for only which they have the cure.
Other than my family and my dogs, the only other thing I'd bother to save in a fire would be my 3 books by Hobbs. They are invaluable in insight and knowledge - and prove that Jonathan Haidt's claim is BS - conservatives have never been represented in the behavioral sciences, and his "shocking new theory" is actually 64 years old.
This book will help you get clued, not screwed - because happiness and success is up to you; not the government, not the pretentious elite professors who think they are better then everyone because they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for a piece of paper (jokes on them, no wonder they are so bitter!), not self help gurus like Deepak Chopra who shrills that people should not have attachment to money while, of course, he wears his diamond encrusted designer eyeglasses.
Wake up World.

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