I believe we are all worthy of genuine happiness.
I believe happiness comes from Freedom.
Freedom comes from Trust.
Trust comes from respecting/honoring yourself (see how that circle works?)
I believe you don’t have to be Godly to be good.
I believe you don’t have to be ‘bad’ to be bold and daring.
I believe even the smartest of us are easily duped, that science is not perfect, religion is not perfect, and self-help books are not perfect.
I believe unhappiness comes from fear of failure, loss of status, fear of isolation – which is why we cling to salvation whether in the robes of a God, the pinstripes of a politician, or the oxford shirt of a professor or the designer label of a celebrity.
I believe instead of reaching our full human potential, we reach for a movie, drugs, food, or any escape.  
I believe we are being led to believe in superiority, rather than significance.
I believe we are replacing our backbones with wishbones.
I believe it’s possible to create a life you don’t need a vacation from.
I believe in community, not disunity.
I believe we live in the most powerful time in history where we can be HEARD not HERD.
I believe people who dare to care about will wake up, stand up, speak up, and realize excuses won’t; Moxie Will.

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