Thursday, November 5, 2015

Leah Remini - Troublemaker

Troublemaker by Leah Remini

I'm not a "fangirl" of Leah Remini though I've always thought she was funny, beautiful, and brash (in a good way).
I could not wait for this book to come out because I'm fascinated by the attraction to the cult of Scientology. I'm not anti-religion - except for religion that undermines individualism and self-empowerment.
Leah really holds nothing back in this book, she writes like she talks, funny and brash but not an obnoxious way.
I read a-lot of books (via NetGalley!) and it's rare that there is a book I LOOK FORWARD to its release. I can't remember a night I awoke at 1am and gleefully checked my Kindle to see if her book was there. I've been speedreading and though I'm not done yet, if you're wondering: should I buy this? YES. It really does live up to the hype.
Totally engaging, entertaining, fascinating -not just about Scientology, but about life in Hollywood.
Leah doesn't come across as playing a Victim (which is so rare these days!) - instead, she's more of a warrior; seeking to warn and protect and educate.
Love it.

PS - I just realized the co-author is Rebecca Paley. She also co-authored one of my other favorite books "I'll Drink To That" with Betty Halbreich. Ms. Halbreich came from a very wealthy family, married into wealth, got divorced, and got a job on the sales floor at Bergdorfs. For me, it was an inspiring story of realizing that life is what you make of it not what titles or money makes of you. Just wanted to give "props" to Ms. Paley for this book too!

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