Monday, November 9, 2015

Democrat Proclaims People on Welfare Are Stupid Conspiracy Theorists

Whoron Alert!

Usually I save Whoron Alerts for public figures/authors/actors/politicians.

However - sometimes there pops up great examples of hypocrites that, to me, really speak for what is wrong with Democrats as a group of pretend compassionate people.

The hypocrite (whoron) of the day goes by the name of "iGertrude" and she is an Amazon Vine member. Amazon Vine is a program where people can receive items to test and review. Amazon Vine member have their own "forum" boards. In in the Amazon Vine forum,  iGertrude (she may have changed her name by now) is one of the playground bullies.

On the Vind forum, as with many forums, the majority are liberals. Liberals that, of course, believe they are far superior than most people.

They worry about guns (not criminals). They worry that not enough is being done to help those with mental illnesses in the country. They wax poetic about how those less fortunate should be treated kindly (supporting the idea to give people welfare instead of work).

Anyway, she wrote a review for a book about Nurturing Healing Love: A Mother's Journey of Hope & Forgiveness (about Sandy Hook tragedy).
It seems there are a handful of people that don't believe the incident happened (I believe it did).
The Sandy Hook Deniers are leaving horrible reviews attacking the author (a mother of one of the children who was killed).

The Vine Forum members ran to the defense of the book/author, which, I think is speech and all.

However, what iGertude wrote was, basically, that poor people are stupid. Therefore, people on welfare are dumb conspiracy theorists.

Here is her review: "This is an incredible story about a horrendous event that never should have happened. That this mother was able to make it past this cold dark day only to be attacked by the Tin Foil Hat Brigade is a horrible reflection of our society. Free speech and all that but to attack a mother who has lost a child?

Someone must have tipped the trailer park and let all of these barely literate out.

Truthers? All of your friends are here and they are waiting for you. Conspiracy theorists UNITE:"

Print Screen:

In addition, a Vine Reviewer who goes by the name "Young@Heart"
 Young@Heart says:
"The book probably was featured in some creep's Facebook feed or talked about on some Rightwing radio show."

"Young@Heart says:
Because in their warped little minds it was a fake event created by the government to be used as an excuse to take away their guns"

I listen to Mark Levin. Rush. They would never ever say Sandy Hook did not happen. Democrats like "iGertrude" and "Young@Heart" live in a bubble and make up a majority of reviewers on Amazon. Superior strivers, believing that Science is God, religions are for nuts (unless, of course, you're Muslim, that's acceptable!) and life lived between the pages of a book and 4 walls of a class room make them KnowItAlls. They turn everything into people "clinging" to their guns and rarely suggest criminals are the actual reason for violence.

It's fun to read the Vine Forum when they bring up politics - they constantly contradict their positions and they are the least tolerable people.

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