Friday, January 1, 2016

High Profits - The Movie

I don't smoke pot.
But I support those adults who make the choice to smoke pot.
I've smoked pot in my younger days but it makes me super paranoid (after I've laughed my butt off for two hours). It's just something I don't ever see myself doing again unless there truly was a medical reason.
Back in "the day" when I did try it, pot was so much different than it is now. You could trust people. Pot was not very strong. It truly was a weed!
I tell my young family members NOT to try it - you seriously never know what you're going to get off the street anymore.
If/When you try it - do so where it's legal. And try it around people you trust.

Today I watched High Profits on Netflix.
It's the true story that follows a young couple from Breckenridge Colorado from the day pot became legal in Colorado (Jan 1, 2014).

It's truly a fascinating look at how complicated "legal" pot is. How two young adults spend almost all their time working on their business. They don't live in mommy and daddy's basement. They are truly trying to live the American Dream.

It's really no different from alcohol getting its start in America. In fact, I'd say it's much less harmless than alcohol.

Did you know that it was totally acceptable for people to drink during lunch back in the days when alcohol was first legal? In fact, bars used to offer free ham sandwiches for lunch so customers would get thirsty and drink more.

What's amazing about High Profits is that the local city council were all up in arms about this (very cute) pot shop being on Main Street (after they'd already been there for 4 years!). Yet they certainly don't have a problem with bars.

Anyway - this movie is everything that is RIGHT about America. Young people. With dreams. Struggling to make it on their own. Nose to the grindstone. Every time they get knocked down, they get back up.

There is no clear path in the legalization of weed. Caitlin and Brian are truly pioneers. Leading the way for others.

Their mistakes should be a lesson for others in the field. Their tenacity should be inspiration for all.

Oh, and Katherine Grimm? Yeah, she's a real, pardon my language; Super Bitch who deserves to be on Karmas bad side for at least a decade.

One note: To all the Bernie Sanders supporters. High Profits is actually a testament to what happens when there is over reach within the government. Bernie Sanders supports socialism. Socialism is not everyone is treated equal. Socialism is the government decides what is best - which is exactly what happened in this story. It should be viewed as a cautionary tale about why Bernie Sanders should NOT be elected.

This is the facebook for Brian and Caitlin's business:

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