Friday, October 2, 2015

True Courage - Above and Beyond (The Movie)

If you are looking for a truly inspirational movie - rent (or buy!) Above and Beyond. 
I am not Jewish. Well, maybe. I could be. My mom was adopted so I could be Jewish. Or black. Or both.  
Anyway, I grew up primarily in the mid-west and Jews were not talked about like they are on the east coast. I was very fortunate that where I grew up was very blue collar and very open and accepting of all. Or maybe I just grew up in a time where TV was not really full of mind numbing, character corrupting, division eliciting, programming. 
It wasn't until I moved to Pennsylvania after highschool and had lived here for some time when animosity toward Jews popped up. I'd hear people making fun of Jews for being cheap, tight, always liking a bargain.  Which, I am all those things. 
I really never knew or understood the history of Jews until I started paying attention to politics. I couldn't understand why so many in leadership positions in the USA did not seem to stand with Bibi Netanyahu. I feel he is a strong leader who really does love and care for Israel.  II admire the Jews for all they've gone through and for their propensity to run TOWARD a threat instead of away from a threat. 
One day I happened upon the movie "Above and Beyond" - it's the story of how WWII Jewish Vets from the United States risked their citizenship to become the first Israel airforce in 1948 for the War Of Independence.  
The movie is inspiring. The creative courage and self determination of so many people beat the odds. It was such a great movie, a great story, I'm thinking I might add a new tattoo (and I swore I'd only ever have one): The Angel Of Death. The Angel of Death is the logo that was hurriedly created (on a napkin!) in a Tel Aviv bar for the 101 Squadron unit of the Israeli Air Force. The design is still on Israeli F-16 jets today. 
Above and Beyond is an uplifting movie. It tells the story of courage, pride, creativity, and freedom. And it does so in such and entertaining way, I watched it twice in one week! 
First Israel Air Force Logo 

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