Thursday, October 1, 2015

Honor Flight Changes

As you know, I was a great fan of Honor Flight since seeing the documentary about it a few years ago.
Honor Flight started as a non-profit organization that sent WWII Vets and chaperons to Washington DC to see the military monuments dedicated to our Veterans.
What made Honor Flight different from every other non-profit, was that they were going to end the non-profit after their goal was met and they'd gotten all the remaining WWII Vets on the flight.
Not many are left, unfortunately. They talked about this in the documentary and I thought is was a brilliant idea!

I loved that aspect of Honor Flight. It had a single purpose. It wouldn't morph into a 'business' under the guise of a non-profit as so many well intended non-profits have done.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed Honor Flight changed to include not only WWII Vets, but also Korea and Vietnam Vets.

So, in essence, it has morphed into a non-profit similar to most - no ending.  What made Honor Flight so special was the inclusiveness.

And though I still like Honor Flight, I've found it frustrating contacting them. Days, sometimes weeks go by without any response after I contact them. And even more frustrating - I asked to find out the name of the Vets that would be sent on an Honor Flight with donations I was making. (It's not only me, but I've heard several other people (including VETS) complain that they are very slow to reply)
The response I received was that they do not give out the names. This is extremely disappointing. How do I know my donation is going to a VET and not the salary of an employee? I'd love the opportunity to get to know the VET and it would make great PR for Honor Flight to connect the person who donates to the veteran who is going to receive it.

There is an Honor Flight Charter on Tuesday, October 5th leaving from the Parx Casino. It's hard to find the information for this, unfortunately. What I found can be found here: - however, there is no information about the homecoming activity (what time should we arrive? Where should we go?) - I'm a bit - no, I'm a lot disappointed. I hope they are able to get their act together and make it easy for Vets and for those who want to help to do so.


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