Monday, October 12, 2015

Book: Anything For A Vote - Liberal Influence

I recently read Anything For A Vote by Joseph Cummins is a great example of an author who claims to be unbiased, informed reader can easily pick out where Mr. Cummins leans and the hidden liberal influence weaved throughout this book.

J.C. states  “newspaper bias ended in the mid 20th century.”
Get Clued! Read the Washington Times. Read the New York Times. Read Washington Post!
J.C.  gives Bill Clinton credit for balancing the budget and for revamping welfare. He barely brings up all of Clinton's affairs and glosses over Lewinsky in one sentence! Cummins states John Kerry was a war hero.

Cummins of course, brings up Palin's gaffes, however, compared to Obama stating he visited 57 States? He didn't even mention that. He didn't mention Obama referring to Hawaii as being in Asia. Nor did he refer to any of Biden's Gaffes .

That said, it is an interesting book and it's a bit of a relief to realize that mud-slinging is nothing new. However, when 99% of media and culture is constantly favoring Democrats and belittling people to the right, it influences those who still believe that mainstream is intellectual when in reality, they are pandering pimps who only care about their power & status, not the success of the individual.

Anything For A Vote By Joseph Cummins rates a 6 on the Liberal Influence scale.

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