Friday, October 13, 2017

The Curse Of Chalfont

One night while walking the dog, all these spooky things were happening, bats flying low, walked through a spider web (freaking out!) and I noticed stains on the road. I was sure they were oil...but...what if they were blood?

That got me thinking to fall, Halloween, and how I truly love a good spooky story. There is much history in Chalfont. Many historic buildings have been torn down or are run down. The town is expanding the housing market.

If there are ghosts or lost souls in Chalfont, I guess this might make them angry or unhappy, and it could just bring them to life.

So I decided to write a serial leading up to Halloween called "The Curse of Chalfont." Part history. Part Mystery. Part Gory. Part Story.

You'll see it at the top of the page in my links, and if you can't find that, it's right here: The Curse Of Chalfont.

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